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Camille Hesketh, soprano



"Camille is a great singer who is happy to share her knowledge with her students. She puts all of her energy and enthusiasm into making me reach peaks that I didnt know existed in me. She can adapt the rules of bel canto to the body and the personality of the student who is standing in front of her. She has taught me how to use my body as an instrument. This has been invaluable to me. Her teaching, like her singing, is crystal clear, pure and authentic."


Emilia Vancini, The Hague, The Netherlands (current skype student)






"Camille's teaching has changed the way I use my voice.  I came to Camille after a long break from singing and found that she knew exactly how to help me get started again.  Her technical approach helped me a huge amount and has even made singing more enjoyable.  Our lessons were fun and the results were very rewarding.  I really enjoyed studying with her."


Maeve Kavanagh, London UK






"Before having lessons with Camille I had no experience at all with singing, I even thought you have to be gifted or start when you are 5 years old, otherwise you cannot sing. I started it as a personal therapy to gain confidence but never thinking I would sing in front of anyone. Since the beginning, I started enjoying our lessons so much . It is obvious Camille loves singing and teaching because you can feel it, and it is also very nice to listen to her. I always finished the lessons full of good energy. Well, 4 months after our lessons, Camille suggested to me to take part in a public performance. I was so nervous at the beginning but it turned out to be a great experience. I felt so good after I did it that I wanted to continue. Now, I still have singing lessons and I enjoy them so much that I don't want to stop."


Ana Maria Echavarría, The Hague, The Netherlands





*For further information about private and group lessons offered in Vancouver Canada and online, or for detailed course information please contact me by email here or by phone at: (778) 239 5519

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